Funkier Bike’s Three Performance levels

Designed for the discerning, Elite level cyclist, who demands the ultimate synthesis of fit, function and style, the Elite collection features aerodynamic race fit and superior performance technology. Putting racers on the podium, time after time.

Elite High Quality Italian Gripper. 1
Elite Light Weight Elite Favric. 1
Elite High Density Ergonomic Pad. 1

Satisfying the passionate and enthusiastic cyclist, the Pro collection offers designs that contour your riding position and aid to maximize performance, so you achieve your goals, whether training or racing.

Pro Gripper 1
Pro Rib Fabric 1
Pro Pad 1

Meeting the needs of all cyclists from beginner to avid, the value driven Active collection delivers uncompromising durability, performance and comfort, suitable for every type of ride. Funkierbike cycling apparel includes professional elements from the world of cycling that connect real world adventure, experience, style and performance, the ultimate biking experience.

Active Active Gripper 1
Active Light Weight Active Fabric 1
Active Active Pad 1